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Hosted since 2015 by Durbans' innovation development agency, Innovate Durban, the Innovation Festival is a celebration of innovation, technology and groundbreaking entrepreneurship.

Previously known as the Innovation Summit, the Innovation Festival is a platform that offers all stakeholders involved in the innovation ecosystem a chance to connect, engage and exchange ideas.


Who attends this event

This event is attended by an array of professionals within the innovation, start-up, technology and disruption industries. As the premier innovation gathering in KZN, the event celebrates all stakeholders that impact

positively towards innovation

Who attends this event

  • Funders

  • Venture Capitalists

  • Innovation Managers

  • Chief Technology Officers

  • Corporate Social Mangers

  • Product Managers

  • Research Manager

  • Transformation Managers​

      & many many more....

Leadership Presentation
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